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Tononoka Steel Kenya

Galvanizing Services (for Structures, Towers and Steel Parts)

We have a state of art galvanizing plant for tubular goods. The dimensions of the zinc bath are 8.0 m × 0.9 m × 1.6 m enabling effective zinc coating of steel pipes. We have pickling tanks, a hot steam blowing arrangement for monitoring the consistent thickness of zinc coat, chromating tanks and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. We also provide galvanizing services for fasteners, transmission towers and parts, radio masts and its components, etc.

Tononoka Steel Kenya

Cut and Bend services

Best known as deformed bars in the market, we have a steel reinforcement section mandated to ensure that the construction industry gets quality, affordable, reliable and efficient reinforcement TMT bars from 8mm to 32mm and special sizes on client request. They are manufactured to meet and exceed your requirements. Our state of the art cut & bend machine provides services that will reduce your construction cost as well as your steel waste. Be it a small structure or a mega structure, you can count on Tononoka Group.

Tononoka Steel Kenya

Pipe Flanging, Bevelling, Special Threading

Pipes can be end-faced as per customer’s requirements. They can be done in 90 degrees square and 45 degrees bevel edge for welding. We also provide flanged pipes i.e. flanges welded to the pipe ends for coupling purposes. Apart from normal threads, pipes can be supplied in square threads.

Tononoka Steel Kenya

Cut To Length Plates, Wider Width and Thicker Plate Cutting

We can cut and supply customized length plates from 0.8 mm – 20 mm thickness in widths upto 2000 mm.

Tononoka Steel Kenya

Fixed Length Rebars Supply and Bending

The standard length of the rebar is 12 meters. In construction these need to be precut and bent as per the engineers’ or designers’ drawings in order to avoid the complication and additional work load on site. The Tononoka mill can supply fixed length rebars specially cut and supplied as per orders. These cater for different types of projects. The minimum order quantity MOQ for such orders is 27 Metric Tons per size. The cutting tolerance is ± 50mm.

Tononoka Steel Kenya

Slot Cutting on Casing Pipes

Casing Pipes are most commonly used underground to protect utility lines from being damaged by mud, overburden soil and rocks. Inside the casing pipes is the main water line that supplies water up to the surface. Casing Pipes are often used with or without screened slots. These small rectangular slots help retain the mud and sand filtered water in the water pipes. The slot dimensions are 4” long and 2 mm thickness. Slots can be cut on Casing Pipes and supplied at an extra cost.